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Past Exhibition

STEPHEN LAWLOR, Beyond the House of Carmen and Figure Paintings

26 April 2012 - 14 June 2012

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition of recent paintings by Stephen Lawlor, the second solo exhibition at the gallery.

 The works comprise two unrelated subjects.

 Beyond the House of Carmen focuses on a stretch of road in Andalusia to where the artist has been drawn for three summers running. The clarity and brightness of the light heightens colour where such conditions are impossible to locate in Ireland. By bringing swathes of illuminated landscape onto small scale canvases the epic becomes intensified and jewel like.

 Figure Paintings, as with most successful departures, happened by accident. Stephen Lawlor has always retained a great facility for draughtsmanship, (most notably in suites of etchings and lithographs of ancient and mythical horses). Figure painting developed after deciding to paint two couples, friends to whom he wished to offer a gift. He was startled by the result and encouraged to pursue further subjects. The paintings, again on his favoured small scale, reveal intimacy, identity and humanity with reserve and confidence at the same time.

 Classical Spanish painting, a strong influence on the artist, is referenced but brought, with his own voice, to a contemporary value.


Stephen Lawlor

Mr. Zhao

Oil on canvas

30 x 25cm