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Past Exhibition


26 February 2015 - 2 April 2015

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of ‘Equations’ an exhibition of new work by Cork based artist, Katherine Boucher Beug.

 Making a collage brings you somewhere you have never been before. Putting together, taking apart, folding/un-folding, tearing off, gluing on, thinking, re-thinking, always seeking the unknown, the unexpected, the surprise... It’s a process that artist Katherine Boucher Beug likens to a long slow game of chess. Each move changes the board completely.

 Man-made found objects (timber planks and door handles) and organic found objects (branches and snail shells) underpin constructions that seek to interpret the physical world that surrounds the artist in her West Cork studio, her fascination with the universe and her relentless creative energy.

 But why might you want to go on such a journey into the unknown? What might happen in a mental place so new and different that you might not even understand it when you get there? The answer lies in the realms that the most ultimately satisfying art makes its own: it’s about discovering those strange, yet often strangely familiar, parts of the psyche and soul, where meaning is hinted at, elusive, yet occasionally making its presence felt in a revelatory way.

 The artist agrees that some of these works are difficult, but after a while they start to exert an influence, like gentle persuaders, revealing experience, opening up sideways ways of seeing the world. Some are also deceptively, and deliciously simple.

 This is an exhibition that falls into three parts. There are three dimensional works, large canvases, and subtle watercolours. All interrelate, a reminder of the different aspects that go to make up the self. As the artist puts it, there’s a cellist, a jazz pianist, a baroque harpsichord player, all inside, and all with a voice to be heard.

 Taken together, the works reveal an individual and unique language. Built on the artist’s researches into colour theory; and from the already mentioned chess-game sensibility to the deft haiku-like sculptures and watercolours, these works create a lively exchange that reaches out to the viewer. The exhibition creates a conversation that lives on in the mind, as well as in these beautifully rewarding, and tantalisingly puzzling works of art.

 Katherine Boucher Beug was born in Princeton, New Jersey and has lived in Cork since 1971. Her works can be found in the Arts Council Collection, Bank of Ireland and AIB Collections, Crawford Municipal Gallery and University College Cork.

 The exhibition continues until 2nd April 2015.


Katherine Boucher Beug


Mixed media on canvas

90 x 115cm