Jeff Schneider & Nest Design

Jeff Schneider, Nest Design
21 May 2015 — 25 Jun 2015

Jeff Schneider

The Tether

Oil & Acrylic on linen canvas

66.5 x 152.5cm, 2013

Nest Design

The Sirens

Solid maple dipped in 2 or 3 colour lacquer

420mm x 420 mm x 820mm (h)

Nest Design

Delphin Desk and Chair

Birch plywood, solid maple, solid French walnut with high gloss lacquer

Desk 1200mm L x 1500 mm w x 820mm h, Chair 420mm x 420mm x 820mm (h)

Jeff Schneider

Shadow Play

Oil & Acrylic on linen

40.5 x 30.5cm, 2013

Nest Design

Red Writing Desk

Solid timber, high gloss coloured lacquer

1100mm (l) x 500mm (w) x 710mm (h)

Jeff Schneider

Vanishing Point

Oil & Acrylic on canvas

76.5 x 96.5cm, 2013

Nest Design

Pair of Swansong Chairs

Solid Elm, traditionally upholstered seats

460mm x 480 x 770mm (h)

Jeff Schneider

The Hanging Garden

Oil & acrylic on linen/canvas

96.5 x 152.5cm, 2013

Nest Design

The Serpentines

Swiss pear / metallic lacquer French walnut / black lacquer Solid maple / matt ‘ghost-white’ lacquer

Long: 760mm (L) x 370 mm (W) x 785mm (H) Small: 355mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 850mm (H)

Jeff Schneider

Behind the Eyes

Oil & acrylic on canvas

96.5 x 76cm, 2013